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Published by: Irwell Press
Author: David Wroe

An Illustrated History of the North Cornwall Railway

The years now leave few memories of the 'North Cornwall', a meandering railway from Halwill Junction in West Devon to the River Camel Estuary at Padstow on the Cornish Coast. Some may recall a West Country Pacific edging its way round Slaughterbridge, by Brown Willy, with two or three coaches from the 11.00am 'Atlantic Coast Express' from Waterloo. Yet few now remember a pair of Adams 0-6-0s struggling up the Carey Valley with a cattle special for Halwill and Exeter. Photographs of recent years show T9 4-4-0s with the Up 'Perishables' at Camelford say, or Tresmeer. Empty platforms, guard looking at his watch...

Author David Wroe died suddenly in 1995 eight months before the launch of his book on the North Cornwall Railway. It went out of print in 1997 and has been much sought after since. Without the possibility of David carrying out his own update on the book several people volunteered to help relaunch the title adding in much new information, maps, diagrams, timetable and, most importantly, photographs unavailable to David in the 1990s. The original book was constrained to156 pages whilst the updated version totals nearly 400.

This is the third reprint of this much sought after work.