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Dimensions: Hardcover, 280 x 223 x 15 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Author: John Hodge

The South Wales Main Line

Volume 2- Severn Tunnel to Newport

The GWR's two southernmost routes into South Wales converged at Severn Tunnel Junction, carrying not only traffic to and from the Principality, but also between the North and West of England, which diverged at Maindee Junction in the eastern part of Newport. Between these point ran a huge variety of services, with the main expresses from Paddington to South and West Wales, alternating with Plymouth to Manchester and Liverpool trains, whilst a considerable number of goods, minerals and empties intermingled with them, making the section one of the busiest on the system. To the west of Maindee, the South Wales main line continued through Newport (High Street), its twin tunnels, and then skirted the vast marshalling yards serving Newport Docks as it made its way to Ebbw Junction and the outskirts of town. In this, his second book of the series, John Hodge continues his survey of the main line in the 1950s and 60s from the western portal of the Severn Tunnel to the crossing of the Ebbw River on the southern limits of Newport.
Hardcover, 120 pages, 164 b/w illustrations, 17 maps.

Reviewed on Friday 22nd January 2010


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