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Dimensions: Softcover, 273 mm x 217 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Published on: 29th November 2000
Author: David Hunt,Bob Essery and Fred James

LMS Locomotive Profiles

No 2-The Horwich Moguls

The Horwich moguls were strongly built, powerful locomotives that were popular with footplate crews and with their wide route availability,good acceleration and reasonable economy they were used all over the LMS system on a wide range of duties.

Altogether 245 were built and were in use from the spring of 1926 until the end of 1996.As with other locomotive classes, there were detailed variations witjin the ranks of the Horwich moguls and this book sets out to describe and illustrate all the nuances of their appearance.

It covers the origins,construction and modifications, tenders and liveries of the class.

Softcover, 72 pages, 35 b/w illustrations, 19 official drawings.

Reviewed on Sunday 10th January 2010