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In Stock ISBN: 187 4 1038 60
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: 273 x 217 x 6 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Published on: 1st November 2003
Author: David Hunt, Bob Essery and Fred James

LMS Locomotive Profiles

No 4 - The ' Princess Royal ' Pacifics

The fourth book in this series considers the first true Stanier design for the LMS, which appeared im 1933.

From the beginning of this series the authors have exhorted fine scale modellers to use photographs to portray particular locomotives at particular times and never was such advise more pertinent than for the 'Princess Royals', there cannot ever have been such a small class with more differences, boilers and fittings, fireboxes, frames, pony trucks, cylinders, motion and tendersall exhibited wide variation, both as built and due to subsequent modifications.

As in previous books this work attempts to illustrate and describe these differences.

The cover has some minor creasing but this does not unduly detract.

Softcover, 112 pages, 46 b/w illustrations, 32 drawings.

Reviewed on Sunday 10th January 2010


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