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In Stock ISBN: 978 0 9573 8270 4
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softcover, 270mm x 210mm
Published by: GT Buildings ( Geoff Taylor ) Publishing
Published on: 1st August 2012
Author: Geoff Taylor

More Model Buildings in 4mm and 7mm

Following the success of his first book on model buildings, published by Wild Swan Publications Ltd, Geoff Taylor has now self-published a second volume featuring much more of his superb work, which graces such well known layouts as Dewsbury Midland and The Gresley Beat.The book follows the format of the earlier work and describes and illustrates the construction of a wide range of domestic, industrial, public and commercal buildings together wth works of civil engineering and railway infrastructure.It is a book which will be warmly welcomed by all seroius modellers.
Softcover, 116 pages.


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