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Dimensions: Softcover, 273 x 217 x 6 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Author: G F Chadwick

North Staffordshire Wagons

The North Staffordshire Railway, known everywhere as the 'Knotty' was one of the smaller constituent companies of the LMS, and while it was neither a great trunk line nor a purely local railway, it had its own charm and characteristics, which make it attractive to modellers.Much of the appeal of any railway comes from the design and appearance of its rolling stock and this book sets out to describe the North Staffs wagon fleet.It begins with a historical background and then discusses early wagon design and then developments through the 1850' and 1860s. It then goes on to look at the stock built during the Luke Longbottom period and then the work of J H Adams, taking the story up to 1915.The last chapter looks at the final years of the North Staffordshire. The book is enhanced by a very useful section, compiled by the late Bernard Holland, tabulating by station, all firms known to have owned or operated private owner wagons.

Softcover, 94 pages, 68 b/w illustrations, 41 drawings.

Reviewed on Wednesday 13th January 2010