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Dimensions: 272 x 217 x 12 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Published on: 10th December 2000
Author: Tony Atkins and David Hyde

GWR Goods Services

An Introduction

Despite the fact that most of the Great Western's revenue came from its goods services, the subject has hitherto been given scant attention by the historical railway press.Tony Atkins and David Hyde have therefore drawn on their considerable experience and knowledge of the subject to create this introductry volume, the first in a series which will cover all aspects of Great Western goods operation in detail.
This first volume commences with a detailed historical overview of the goods scene from the very beginning to the end of the Great Western's existence , followed by studies of such facets as the company's canals, the Railway Clearing House, common carrier arrangements, economics, documents, and a brief anaysis of traffic patterns. The work concludes with a detailed look at the Company's Goods Districts and their work, together with an analysis of thje trafffic originating from or conveyed to each.
Softcover, 152 pages, 60 b/w illustrations, 19 maps

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