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Out of Stock ISBN: 187 4 1034 29
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Softcover, 273 x 215 x 4 mm
Published by: Wild Swan Publications
Author: John Lewis

Official Drawings No 3

Great Western Coaches

This volume of official drawings covers modern main=line coaches of the GWR.The aim of the selection is to show most main-line styles using drawings, that with care, might be used by modellers to adapt for other coaches in the same style, perhaps using more readily available coach diagrams.The book concentrates on gangwayed general purpose stock although it includes examples of the wide 'Dreadnought' and 1929 Riviera coaches and an example of a slip coach.
Softcover, 80 pages, 35 drawings, 29 b/w illustrations.

Reviewed on Wednesday 10th February 2010