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Published by: Lightmoor Press
Author: Neil Parkhouse & Ian Pope

Railway Archive No 16

Contents: The Railway in the Landscape, p. 2; Timothy Hackworth’s Essential Place in Early Locomotive Development by Norman Hill, p. 5; The Cambrian Railways Photographs of H. Burman: Part 4 by Mike Christensen, p. 27; The Railway Photographs of E. Pouteau Part 16: the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway, the Midland & South Western Junction Railway and the Midland Railway Part 1 by John Alsop, p. 35; Gas By Rail Part 4: Associated Octel & Tank Rentals by Peter Fidczuk, p. 57; Wish You Were Here? Railway Postcards of Carmarthenshire by John Alsop, p. 83


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