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British Railways Pocket Book No. 1 - Locomotives (2024 edition)

This is the 2024 edition of the definitive Platform 5 guide to all locomotives that operate on Britain's national railway network and the Eurotunnel network. British Railways Pocket Book 1: Locomotives contains a complete list of all locomotives in service with the following details provided for every locomotive:

Depot Allocation
The book also includes technical data for every class of locomotive and an overview of the structure of Britain's railways today, including details of all franchised passenger train operators, open-access operators and freight train operators.

British Railways Pocket Book 1: Locomotives is divided into six main sections as follows:

Diesel Locomotives
Electro-Diesel & Electric Locomotives
Eurotunnel Locomotives
Locomotives Awaiting Disposal
Locomotives Exported for use Abroad
The book has been completely updated to incorporate all the latest rolling stock changes.

The definitive guides to rolling stock on Britain's Railways. Widely used as a source of reference throughout the railway industry for over 35 years.

Softback, 104 pages, 16 pages of colour photographs


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