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Published by: Lightmoor Press
Published on: 19th November 2011
Author: Mike Arlett & David Lockett

Western Region Steam : 1950-1965

Taking full advantage of technological advances made with cameras and film duringthe Second World War, most railway photographers began converting over to celluloid during the 1950s. By the time the 1960s dawned, those still using glass plate negatives were few and far between but one of them was Norman Lockett. A modest man, Norman had gained a reputation of being �the photographer�s photographer�, the one all the others appreciated. Yet despite its superb quality, the vast majority of his output has never been published. This is something we have been putting right as we now reach the third volume in this landmark series, with every single illustration again having been scanned from the original glass plate. Each photograph is supported by detailed captions and text by Mike Arlett. By the 1950s, Norman was starting to venture farther afield, a process which was accelerated even further by, first, a move to Bath with his work and, second, a chance meeting with fellow photographer Ivo Peters. Becoming firm friends, Norman now had access to additional transport in the shape of Ivo�s famous Bentley. Thus, within these pages, we now travel across not only Norman�s native Somerset and into the adjoining counties but to a diversity of locations across much of the former network of the Western Region of British Railways. Thus we have views as far apart as the Tamar Bridge, Chester, Swindon, South Wales, Hereford, the Dovey estuary, Gloucester, the Cotswolds and many other lineside locations visited either as a �one off� or on several repeat occasions. So here is your opportunity to enjoy the �Indian summer� of Western
Region steam, followed by its all too rapid and much lamented demise, as seen
through through the lens of a �master�.
Hardcover, 192 pages.