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In Stock ISBN: 187 3 5135 77
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: Hardcover, 303 x 215 x 22 mm
Published by: North Eastern Railway Association
Published on: 1st March 2005
Author: Bill Fawcett

A History of North Eastern Railway Architecture

Volume Three : Bell & Beyond

William Bell took charge of the Architect's Department in 1877 and remained in post until the end of 1914. During that time the company built many new stations and enlarged others, while its workshops expanded dramatically to cope with the increase in traffic and hence rolling stock. The book covers this period and then goes on to look at the Architect's Department through the LNER and BR periods.These two volumes, together with Volume One, which sadly is out of print, combine to provide the most comprehensive study of a railway company's architecture ever published.
Hardcover, 256 pages, 254 b/w, 71 colour illustrations, 108 drawings.

Reviewed on Sunday 31st January 2010


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